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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

EZ Recipe: The Gangstadilla

Fine as May wine Rachael Ray got her 30 minute meals.

Ron the FoodConn will premiere the first 5 minute-one main dish-meal...



Monday, May 15, 2006

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is RON!

After much thought, because I want to be more involved in cooking and fine dining, I realized and agreed that every food blogger has to have their own voice. And I got me a voice that gets me heard or either in trouble. Ha.

I read my first post and it didn't sound like me. It sounds like me as if I were getting interviewed by some big conservative firm. No. I ain't that type. I'm young and I'm free. I want to be real with this blog, let my personality be known. So from now on, I will be myself.

Off we go, to where the trumpets blow... to Myungdong, Downtown Seoul!

Myungdong is a popular spot on the North half of Seoul. Easy to get here by bus or by subway, close to the city's City Hall and right next to the river within the city, Chun Gae Chun(sp), which was opened in late 2005. Many foreigners come here, mainly Japanese tourists, for clothes, make-up, and other things I'm not too interested in. But what here makes me go crazy?

The food, of course. There are MANY famous restaurants here. Restaurants that are famous usually have been passed down for 1 to 2 generations and they take pride in that. So many different Korean delicacies. But today's dinner menu was Tong-Ddak (Rotisserie Chicken) and Sam-Gye-Tang (Chicken Soup). Yeah boy!

Down the main road, walking past people, bumping shoulder to shoulder with them (don't worry, they don't hate you, it's normal here), you'll come across a nice brick storefront. You'll see two monster machines filled with spinning chickens. It's the Nutrition Center of Myungdong! Check out the tough guy just posted up and ruining my picture.

The service here is quite speedy. Three floors they have in this restaurant and they usually shoo you on up to the second or third floor, first floor is usually for the alcohol drankers. As you sit you're asked what you want and today, me and my girlfriend got one of each of the house's specialty.

The rotisserie comes out. Man, it's a dream come true. I've never eaten a chicken that's so juicy, yet not oily. So flavorful, and not greasy. To accompany the bird you eat the white "moo." I'm not sure if it's a radish or not, I'll get the vegetable right soon.

After tearing it up, eating about 3/4th, out comes the soup in a rock pot boiling. Chicken stuffed with 찹살, a different, better tasting rice when boiled in a chicken I guess, ginseng, chestnuts, and dates. I prefer the soup to have a strong garlic flavor than ginseng, but gin-sing is good for the body so I don't complain. Neither does my girlfriend. With this comes the Chonggak Kimchi, "moo" that's kimchi-fied.

Eating here really doesn't make you regret what you've eaten. You feel healthy, maybe it's just the stigma. Both of these dishes came out to be around 21-22 dollars. Kind of on the expensive side, but you pay for what you get.

This place is endorsed and co-signed by celebrities, tv shows, and the people. You see everybody here. New families to old folks, couples to groups of junior high schoolers and tourists.

Coming to Korea is somewhat difficult for most so don't be too sad. It isn't too hard to cook this baby at home. It doesn't feel too real without the stone pot but it's easy to close your eyes and use your imagination :) I will add a recipe when time permits and when making it myself becomes an urge.

Until next time...
Eat, drink, and GOD bless!

Ron the FoodConn
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Sunday, May 14, 2006

A new location for the Food Bloggers of English tongue. SEOUL, KOREA

Hello Everyone! My name is Ron, and now also known as the FoodConn.

After being introduced to the world of food blogs by my friend, Josh, I just couldn't stop myself; I love food. I have fatboy tendencies. If food is in front of my face, I'll get to work on it. Simple as that.

(The picture is of a bulgogi bento made by my girlfriend on our recent trip to the Seoul Zoo.)

I don't just eat anything though. I seem to have expensive taste buds. I love cheap eats, but only if the cheap eats are good eats. Just because something's cheap, it doesn't make it taste wonderful to me. I like food with a story. Food with a bunch of love in it. Food has to be properly made also. My style is: I don't want to cook prime rib at home to save ten dollars if it's not going to taste at least like Outback's. You get what you pay for. (I am planning to learn how to cook prime rib deliciously though...)

I enjoy cooking. After watching FoodNetwork, I've started to cook more and I got more imagination with it. I would say the meanest meals I can currently make are Soul Food and Korean menus in the home kitchen. And as the Siberian grip of winter has begun to lighten up, I also have been delving into BBQ, each chicken batch being not enough for the people. Either they really loved it or were too drunk to not care what they were eating; I personally think they loved it :)

With my Canon s80 on-hand and Curtis telling me to get my move on, I will show you how I do it. Until next time...

Eat, drink, and GOD bless!

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